Been away since 2018. New scripts/info I need to know before jumping back in?

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    Haven't turked for a while and I want to get back into it. I know a lot can change in a couple years. Are there any new scripts that I should know about? Old ones that no longer work well?

    General helpful info about changes in the last 2 years would be awesome as well. I think this was a few months after the redesign so I imagine there have been some kinks worked out since then too.

    Are all the old requesters still good? Who are the new requesters I should look out for? Thanks!

    Here are the scripts I currently have:
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    Hit Database is no longer functional. The MTurkSuite extension has a feature that will do the same thing. I'm not sure if the projected earnings and pending earnings scrips function or not but they're also covered by MTS and mturk worker dashboard enhancer. I don't think anything works to sort quals anymore unfortunately. TurkMaster is very dead.
    I'd recommend using either the Hit Finder and Hit Catcher combo built into MTS or using the Hit Forker and Panda Crazy scripts to find and catch hits.
    Hit Forker:
    Panda Crazy:
    Panda Crazy Helper (adds buttons on mturk and the forums to quickly add jobs from exports and reviews):
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    I use Turkerview JS, Panda crazy, panda crazy helper, mts, and hit forker.
    I use the Qualifeye tab from Turkerview to try to find some quals. I haven't found a good way to catch certain search terms for quals and I no longer mturk as much, so I just try to catch what I can. ( I tried to use turkopticon in the past but it never seemed to work for me so I didn't download it this time.)

    I've saved the IDs of recurring Requesters I like, and put them on "search" in panda as a group. I try to be careful to pick those rated well, and have my own notes on who didn't pay as promised. Being fairly new as compared to everybody else, I'm sure others have a better list of the good guys and whom to avoid.

    Since you took a break like I did and had to redo scripts, have you noticed a change in your speed profile description on turkerview? I just got back to mturk and had to download everything again, but noticed my profile jumped from careful or slow to unreliably fast. I'm wondering if I forgot to download a Script....