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    Hello All!,

    I spent a lot of time last year on MTurk, trying to figure it out. I ended up doing pretty well for myself, averaged about $20 a day. I was going to give it up, and spend my time differently these year, but here I am!

    32 from Boston, two older dogs, and an amazing husband! Loving live, and love being able to 'work for myself'.

    Would appreciate any tips/tricks to get higher paying jobs and/or long-term projects. We are in a tight spot financially (due to the pandemic) and I use this job as a mean of getting by.

    There are my stats:
    Approved: 24,975
    Approval Rate: 99.3752%
    Rejected: 157
    Rejection Rate: 0.6247%

    ^ Most of the rejections occurred when I started in May. I honestly didn't know what I was doing, and was putting my time into the 'wrong' HITs.

    ^^ Story of my life... putting my time into the 'wrong' thing -- haha!​
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    Stop by the Daily often. Lots of good advice being thrown around there.

    If you have not already done so, be sure to check out QualifEye and grab as many quals as you can. Check back often as it updates in real-time.

    Not sure if you are using any scripts, but I recommend MTS if you are going to be going the free route, and QBC if you do not mind paying $20 a month. When I first came back to Turking, I was using MTS, while also scraping HITs posted in the Daily and averaging $20 - $25 a day. When I started using QBC in late July, it was closer to $50 a day. Of course, this is dependent on the available work, but when there is money out there, these tools definitely help.
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