Current "To-Do" and Needs Lists

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    Sorry this is rough scribbles from some of my notepad notes that I'm just jotting down here.

    Start Guide:

    What is 2FA? Need a short intro
    Indian Turker registration expansion
    Suspended Payments Account expansion
    Password Encryption/Management needs content/ to be done (Randomacts? Not sure who else I've seen comment on this).
    Figure out a good icon for some pages

    "Contact a requester" -> link to it from the missing completion code survey wiki page

    Can you tell if a test is auto-graded beforehand??

    Best Practices:
    - Proper grammar, punctuation
    Concise - Brevity is always preferred
    Factual - Long winded anecdotes should be avoided where possible, this is difficult due to the mysterious nature of some mTurk features but do your best
    Formal - Avoid pronouns and "colloquial" text