Earnings for non US mturkers

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  1. cristi.u

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    Hello everyone,

    I’m from Romania.

    First of all, are any Romanians in here that constantly earn money from mturk?

    For the other mturkers outside of US if I work 8-10h a day what should be my average earnings?( I know that payment is through amazon gift cards and after selling them I’ll lose 10-15% of my earnings)

    PS: I know in the beginning I have to build up my profile, get over 3000-5000 hits to get better entries and so on.

    Let’s say I build up my profile, learn the scripts and get through the ‘hard’ beginnings.
    What should be my average earnings?
  2. JohnSmith82

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    $10 a day if lucky. Like me it's not the full experience you just get a watered down version.
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  3. JosephKarne

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    Hello, from France. For me, 5 weeks after the beginning I have done 6800 HIT for $450... so far it's around $10 a day... but.... with accurate work I hope raising incomes...
    Stay focus and ....good luck-work to you from Romania... PS: be careful about Gift Cards' selling; it seems it could be a reason to be banned by AMAZON... Perhaps with a little patience they will open the right to an Hyper wallet. Have a nice Time JK
  4. Mouse

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    Yup, about 8-10 a day sounds right. Some days are worse, some days are better (f.e. caught a 10buck hit recently which obviously bumped the average for that week). Weekends are bad, some seasons aren't great either. Also depends on what work you are good at. I do some surveys, research tasks are almost always a 'skip it' for me, love batches.
    But in order to get to that, as you said, you need to work a lot of hits and have a 99%+ approval rating.

    Non-US workers can't really live off MTurk, but especially for people who are at or close to the computer anyway (disabled, stay-at-home-person, retired) at least a ~150ish bucks each month makes quite a difference.