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    I didn't want to clog the daily thread and make my couple of concerns hard to find. First, I want to thank everyone that had anything to do with creating the MTS software that I have been using for the last year (including the beta testers that exterminated the majority of issues). It made me far more efficient and more comfortable using MTurk than previous years.

    My only issues are:
    Dark Theme: the pastels are hard to read during the day (I'm middle-aged) and too bright for the evening. I always preferred using the dark theme for the finder over anything else. I liked being able to choose a theme for each tab.
    Pending Earnings: I'm very analytical, I like numbers. I understand how to calculate pending earnings, but thats a lot of cross tab analysis. I appreciate knowing how much I have yet to be approved during the infinite time period. Now I am confused as the new software has taught me how to efficiently use tv to monitor my time and enter bonuses, the mental numbers in my head are distorted because I am always juggling what the computer told me, bonuses in my memory that haven't came, and whether or not the bonus actually comes. Now, without the pending and approved total complete earnings, I have been spending a lot of time being anxious over this when I would much rather sell my deepest secrets for $2.50 in hopes of possibly making $50 in a day....
    RAM: I have a six year old basic dell computer. I know I need better but... In the last two days, when I am trying to turk, the browser and the computer are both slow and I find myself shutting down and sending good vibes. That never happened before.
    Hit Catcher: Why, when I hit O does it often catch as many as possible? It increases my anxiety, I have to look at the time available and freak out that I'm accidentally gonna release the wrong one and get locked out of the hit for good....

    Not trying to be negative, just wanted to put my thoughts out there. This is actually the most I've talked on the internet since the pandemic started... Hope everyone is healthy, safe, and hopeful.