Hi… I'm new here and I have a question

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    I'm a freelance reporter from Switzerland (www.sele.world/work) who will visit the U.S. in August for a reportage about Turkers. I'll meet Turkers, Amazon representatives, researchers on digital work, and so on…

    Currently I'm looking for people that work on the platform and have a story (or two) to share. I'm interested in: How does MTurk work? What are the opportunities and challenges? Strategies? Are you able to make a living from it? How does MTurk fit into / impact your everyday life? …?

    I'd be happy to chat with you or get on a call to tell you more about my plans, and to hopefully meet you in August. Leave a comment or contact me via email: sebastian (at) sele (dot) world

    All the best, Seb