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    Hi everyone, Im pretty much a mturk newbie. And currently Im trying to play it as safe as possible, and Ive searched a fair amount for the easiest requester to ur first 1k. But I feel like Im doing things not so officiant, it takes me several hours to get maybe 20 or more hits per day. Currently Im doing the market research surveys, and audiokite. Is there anyone else that will speed this process up at the rate Im going its going to take me 40 plus days to get to 1k. I am not trying to steal any high paying hits I just want to build some padding for future rejections. Need help, I think I know about some others I just havent tried before , one thats called 411 , ibotta receipts, and pi ku or something like that. Im just concerned with out proper examples , I dont wana get a rejection from trying one of these. Newbie help !!
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    While some buffer is definitely something you want, I would just concentrate on working. The buffer will come. That said, since you are new make sure to check TV and the requester ratings from Amazon. Until you have quite a few hits back just make sure to work on hits that have >99% approval rating and no rejections on TV. And don't work for any new requesters. After you have some hits under your belt you can start working on hits that you're less sure about.

    Make sure you have MTS and TV installed so that you can see this information without digging too much. If you're not sure what those are or how to install them, you might find this helpful: https://forum.turkerview.com/threads/super-beginners-guide-to-scripts.2059/#post-1073510
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