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January '17 Heavy HITTER of the Month Voting

Discussion in 'Awards' started by ChrisTurk, Feb 1, 2017.


Who is your selection for January '17 TurkerHub MotM?

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Poll closed Feb 3, 2017.
  1. WimpLo

  2. Missesdash

  3. Randomacts

  4. WishATurkerWould

  5. Alina

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  1. ChrisTurk

    ChrisTurk Administrator

    Excuse the punny title :emoji_joy:

    So we're going to try mixing the old with a little bit of new this year. Every month I'm going to take the top 5 folks by the # of clicks on their export PandA links and throw them up to be voted off of the forum. Wait, no that's wrong.. Whatever y'all get the idea :emoji_thumbsup:

    This month's survivors:

    MemberTotal PandA Points# HITs
    @WimpLo 2,787562
    @Missesdash 1,997170
    @Randomacts 1,911287
    @WishATurkerWould 1,213141
    @Alina 1,170106
    You're free to use any criteria you prefer to vote, I'm just trying to provide some objective metrics to help folks Make MTG TurkerHub Great Again. I'm undecided on also doing a more popularity based monthly contest, we'll see.

    A user badge will be granted (there may even be a selection of them depending on how many cheesy titles I can come up with!) along with the normal $20 and contributor perks.. If those ever become a thing. Rewards will probably be paid out through mTurk for simplicity sake.

    Voting will be open for 48 hours so everyone can get a chance to cast their ballot. No campaigning public or private.

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    • 5/5 Pay 5/5 Pay x 1
  2. Randomacts

    Randomacts Survey Slinger

    If you are bored and have the data for it you should make a fancy chart that shows the activity of all 5 members.
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  3. turks24

    turks24 Survey Slinger

    As always, my vote is 100% for sale. PM offers by midnight EST Feb 2
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  4. Buzby

    Buzby #̶7̶8̶

    Can we vote based on who had the dankest GIFs?
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