July '17 Awards & MotM Voting

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Who is your selection for July '17 TurkerHub MotM?

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  1. BadPanda

  2. Randomacts

  3. Confirmed Robot

  4. laby

  5. Ten

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  1. ChrisTurk

    ChrisTurk Administrator

    In July 2017 our members..

    Posted 5,200 HITs
    Clicked on over 42,400 [​IMG]s
    Earned over $43,600
    Submitted over 271,000 HITs
    Landed bonuses totaling more than $800
    Watched $370 worth of ads on EarnHub
    (#s calculated using 194 posted weekly reports and 184 bonus emails)

    HIT Posters for this month:
    MemberTotal PandA Points# HITs
    @BadPanda 5,045 545
    @Randomacts 2,488 291
    @gurlondrums (May)1,963 262
    @Confirmed Robot 1,963 210
    @Salamander (April)1,860 158
    @laby 1,678 158
    @WimpLo (Staff)1,678 279
    @Ten 1,443 318
    Voting will close Friday morning.

    Posting Awards
    Each month folks will earn icons for best individual posts (top 3 excluding ties & the admin since people have to like/love/lol at his junk) and for most overall ratings (top 2 to make it an even 5 icons floating around a month). I appreciate a good one-liner as much as consistently great content submissions, so fun icons for all!

    Funniest Posts
    While the admin is away, photoshoppers will play.15@GoldGuardian
    Advanced lessons in Comedic Relief: Timing is everything.14@leafs4_cup
    ..or just go for the low-brow humor.14@dan
    If you break something its best to let Kadauchi take the heat for it.13@Ethraiel
    Always Turking Around
    @Hummingbirdee (2,057) & @Randomacts (1,200)

    Most Useful Posts
    Advanced HIT Training from HummingbirdWatch9@Robert
    Code Debugging9@slothbear
    More requester outreach from UNU.8@MyLegIsFine
    Block List Suggestion8@gurlondrums
    Joe Lo Script, for the 10th time7@ChrisTurk
    Most Helpful Members
    @Randomacts (222) & @Kadauchi (146)

    Most Loved Posts
    People either love the advice or the fact that Jesicu let them get some VRAPIs for once.18@Jesicu
    Thanks y'all!18@NBadger
    Nice reminder that sometimes, we get to do really cool stuff as Turkers.17@Robert & @LurkerLUL
    OK people love the advice.14@Vinidarius
    Everybody Loves
    @Hummingbirdee ('s cat) (834) & @gurlondrums (471)

    As always, thank you to everyone here. Y'all all make this place awesome and I for one enjoyed going back over a lot of these posts from the last month (again!). We're a cool group of penny hunters and I wouldn't want to spend my Mondays not filling out surveys with anyone else.. Except maybe Jennifer Anniston :emoji_sweat_smile:
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