[Please Help!] MTS Catcher + Finder Questions

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    Heya Turkers!
    Okay Help a Noob out, well I say a noob but I do have less than 1000 hits currently working towards 500 :emoji_blush:
    I have some questions regarding MTS Catcher + Finder tabs, I've looked on reddit, I've searched in here and I've also googled but I keep getting conflicting information across the board. Keep in mind I'm only in my 5th week of Turking and I set myself a daily goal of 25 hits per day. Here are my questions;
    1) How many hits should I reasonably add at any time to the catch list? I've seen answers saying I can fill this up as much as I want and just leave it until something comes in for me but this afternoon I had 5 listed HITS which were varying from 0.10c to .50c and none of them ended up being accepted despite multiple attempts over 2 or 3 hours.

    2) Speaking of the catchers list, in the column where it says ATT this is attempts made right? Is there any forecast number I should be avoiding. For example one of the Hits listed today I was qualified for but never caught and only 0.10c despite the catcher saying over 400 ATT :emoji_thinking:

    I then read something on a thread (not here) where they suggested that only have 2 or 3 hits in the catch list because if you have too many in there it reduces the likelihood of you catching anything. I have my speeds set at 1000 only because I read somewhere if it's too low then you get too many PRE's which is bad.

    I have received some advice and I'm more understanding of what the finder and catcher is meant to do but it just doesn't seem to catch much? :emoji_slight_frown:
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    check your dms
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    can you DM me the same?