New here have a couple of questions

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    Hi guys
    I just started on Mtruk about a week ago and I have a couple of questions,
    When I click on a hit and it says "there's nothing new here yet" what does that mean.

    Also, I have clicked on quite a few Hits from Deep Dialogue and it says "there is an error, please refresh your page in the current browser" is that I problem with my computer/browser or is it on their side?

    And lastly the hits with the receipt labeling, it seems like a lot of back and forth and I have tried some of them but the got rejected because I entered some of the info wrong. it is worth my time to become better at these types of one? Thank You guys for your help. :)
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    Hello - welcome to the forum!

    If these are the Zhou Yu hits, they have been broken for ages and don't work for anyone.

    It is an issue on their side. Their hits are notorious for not submitting. I believe they are also Endors so the system blocks you out for the amount of time the hit consists of before you can try another one.

    Receipt hits are also notorious for rejections. They are definitely not worth your time. I would recommend you find the MLDatalabeler qualifications that are 1 cent and do those to build your numbers up. Try to remain at 99% approval rate because that is the qual a lot of requesters use for the good-paying hits once you have lots of hits under your belt.
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    Hello and welcome :wave:

    It looks like @emamaya answered your questions, but if you're looking for some more resources here's a post with some useful links I put together for somebody a while back.
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