Possible to do this on a script?

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  1. test ing

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    So MTS hit tracker is very useful. The green check mark that shows pending/approved/rejected and other stats is great too.

    But I am wondering if it is possible, and if so how difficult, to make a script to modify the amt dashboard to have an icon near the requester name to jump into hit tracker with the name already being searched.

    I don't know much on scripting, and I'm assuming it is possible, I would just like any pointers on what I need to do or learn to do this. The hit tracker link is below, and modifying it looks easy, but I'm sure creating a script to identify who the requester is on the amt page and create a proper modified link will definitely be more difficult.


    Any advice will help. Going to try and make this my first noob project :emoji_smirk:
  2. Kadauchi

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    It depends.

    If you're looking to add it to the "Today's Activity" section of the dashboard that MTS creates then it will be pretty much impossible since there is no access to the requester ids.

    If you're looking to add it to the "Status Details" pages (https://worker.mturk.com/status_details/2021-03-25) then it would be possible. You can pull the requester id from the contact requester url which you would use for the NAMEHERE. Then just create a link and attach it to the page.