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Discussion in 'Requesters' started by Samuel Restrepo, Mar 17, 2021.

  1. Samuel Restrepo

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    Hello, I'm using TurkerView for the first time!

    I'm having trouble getting (mexican) workers to take my survey (HIT) on mturk. I want to use TurkerView as a platform to reach potential turkers for my survey. Can you gime some advice, please?

    Additional information: I need 1200 respndents aprox. In the past week just 8 people took my survey. The pay is $0.6 US for 5-8 minutes of work. Qualification types:
    -Location is MX
    -HIT Approval Rate (%) for all Requesters' HITs greater than 90
    -Number of HITs Approved greater than 100


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  2. angel

    angel Survey Slinger

    this is a bit old but may explain part of the problem

    80% of the workers who responded live in the U.S. Another 16% live in India, while 4% live in other countries.

    increasing pay is usually a good way to get more participants but not sure if it would help in this case. I'm kind of curious now how many people use mturk in Mexico but not sure how you would find that out.

    Also when are you posting the hits? Depending on where you are they are likely in a different time zone and that may effect how many people see the hit. For example I live on the East Coast and do work for someone who live on the West Coast and if she didn't email me ahead of time to tell me she was posting work I would miss it because I'm not just casually searching mturk at 2am my time.

    @ChrisTurk any other ideas
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  3. ChrisTurk

    ChrisTurk Administrator

    Not really going to be able to overcome this bottleneck. If you can expand to other SA countries you might get more workers from Brazil/Venezuela as MTurk is popular there but otherwise I doubt you're gonna have any luck recruiting off MTurk for this.
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