Rejection from Alark Joshi for HIT "Survey about interacting with data"

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    (First: I hope this is the right place to post this. Apologies, if not, and I'd appreciate being directed to the right place.)

    I was rejected for this HIT because of server issues, despite completing the survey. The requestor responded to me with "The server was not working well and participants were not able to complete the work." for the rejection.

    I plan to contact the IRB (Institutional Review Board) for the University of San Francisco, the institution that Joshi was running this survey for, about this rejection. If you were also rejected from this HIT for similar reasons, I encourage you to do the same.

    The requestor's mistakes do not absolve them of their responsibilities to workers.

    Information about the University of San Francisco IRB:
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    Also rejected for the same reason, even though I had no problem loading and completing their HIT. The requester isn't responding to emails, so writing to IRB might be the way to go. Will probably contact them if/when I'm out of work and feel bored lol.
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    Give the requester a couple of days to reply back.
    Also, in your email to the requester, please be kind and solution oriented instead of telling him/her that you would be contacting IRB (that is kind of a threat actually) or telling them that this is completely their fault.
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