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    so i was rejected for not fitting in the age range of the survey. fair enough - the requester said they bolded it twice somewhere and although i didn't see this, i will admit this is my bad, i'll cry over a loss of $5 in private lol. i did send them a message saying they should have had a screener kicking people out if they didn't meet the criteria because i wasted nearly 40 minutes doing the work, it was also a waste of data for them, and that strikes me as something they should fix in the future. they sent me a message back saying in part "MTurk didn't give me the option to set up the survey in the way you describe".

    now this doesn't sound right to me. i've taken plenty of surveys/studies where i was kicked out immediately if i didn't meet their criteria. is there some link i can point them to on how to set up a screener? i've blocked them lmao but if they release a study in the future i'd like to help protect other workers from having the same experience i did.
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    This should help them. Not entirely sure if there's an updated one though.

    Edit: Sorry about your rejection.