September '17 Awards & MotM Voting

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Who is your selection for September '17 TurkerHub MotM?

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  1. Confirmed Robot

  2. laby

  3. ReaRea

  4. dan

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  1. ChrisTurk

    ChrisTurk Administrator

    TurkerHub September Awards & Voting

    #s stats will be in the daily thread :)

    HIT Posters for this month:
    MemberTotal PandA Points# HITs
    @lefty (August) 5,603 614
    @Confirmed Robot 4,167 432
    @BadPanda (July) 3,175 377
    @laby 1,623244
    @ReaRea 1,335260
    @dan 1,276168
    Voting will close Wednesday morning.

    Posting Awards
    Each month folks will earn icons for best individual posts (top 3 excluding ties & the admin since people have to like/love/lol at his junk) and for most overall ratings (top 2 to make it an even 5 icons floating around a month). I appreciate a good one-liner as much as consistently great content submissions, so fun icons for all!

    Funniest Posts
    Forum admin caught physically abusing members on film.22@SeDuCeR
    Forum admin caught deleting users after film leak.xxxxxx
    How to put mTurk on your CV15@jessers
    Its aliveeeee10@Buzby
    Always Turking Around
    @ThisPoorGuy (1,315) & @Randomacts (1,163)

    Most Useful Posts
    How to Requester 101: Embarass the forum admin.8@MyLegIsFine
    Rekog Script8@RicanGuy86
    You know nothing, Joe Lo.8@leafs4_cup
    TurkerView Announcement GO READ IT.5xxx
    Most Helpful Members
    @Randomacts (251) & @NBadger (89)

    Most Loved Posts
    More TurkerView Shameless Plugs46xxx
    The Prodigal Cat Returns25 @Hummingbirdee
    ADORABLE BABY :emoji_hugging:21@Crissy
    Everybody Loves
    @gurlondrums (545) & @lefty (425)

    As always, thank you to everyone here. Y'all all make this place awesome and I for one enjoyed going back over a lot of these posts from the last month (again? again.. always again). We're a cool group of dime seeking dames and I wouldn't want to spend my Fridays murdering server hamsters with anyone else.. Except maybe Natalie Portman :emoji_sweat_smile:
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  2. Rocknrolla

    Rocknrolla Survey Slinger

    The following is a summary of activity for your Mechanical Turk account for the week ending Sep 30, 2017.

    Your HIT activity for this week:
    - Number of HITs submitted: 77

    Approvals and payments that occurred this week:
    - Number of HITs approved: 121
    - Number of HITs rejected: 0
    - HIT reward earned: $113.88
    - Total Amount earned this week: $113.88
  3. SoonerChris

    SoonerChris Survey Slinger

    Sigh, once again, no awards for me. And I thought I was pretty useful this month.
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