Splitting a survey into individual questions?

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    Is it possible to split a survey into individual questions, so that workers can answer as many as they'd like, instead of having to complete the whole survey?

    For example, could I allow 20 people to answer the question "What is your favorite food?" for, say, 2 cents, and 20 people to answer the question "What is your favorite shape?" for 2 cents, without the 20 people necessarily being the same? I realize I could make separate projects for each question, but I would like to have all the questions under one project. Is the only way to do this to publish a batch of one question, then edit the project to be a different question, and publish that batch, and so on? Or is there a better way?

    Hope this makes sense. Thank you!
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    You most likely want to do it with repeating projects (if you're going to do it at all, this would be very weird to do for a typical academic study) or - if this is any more serious than the color/shape example - have them complete the whole thing and not split it up at all.

    If you want everything in the same project, you can do it you'd just put all the questions in new rows in a CSV (assuming using the requester UI), but that comes with the downside of being unable to implement a flow pattern / ability to restrict what individual question any single worker is served up. Meaning one worker tells you their favorite color 20 times, potentially never seeing the favorite shape question at all. Or even seeing them in random/"incorrect" orders (if such a thing applies to your survey).

    This doesn't apply if you're hosting your own HITs externally, you could control the logic in the back end of whatever you were using to serve up the questions, but otherwise you'd probably want to split up the projects. Even split up, there's a very low likelihood any worker ever has the chance of completing all (or even more than a handful) of the questions.
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    Which platform are you using to create the survey?