[Please Help!] Tax info script or extension?

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    Can anyone recommend a good script or extension that will keep track of our earnings for tax reporting purposes? If no such item exists, can anyone offer advice on how to record our earnings? Thanks for any help.
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    That'll keep track of all the work you do on the platform. It can only go back and search for so long though so make sure you update it at least once a week to avoid issues and to be on the safe side.

    FWIW mTurk calculates your yearly income at the end of the year and injects it into your dashboard, so if you don't keep your own records or something happens and you lose backups etc you wont be completely high and dry - but good to be thinking ahead now :)

    Some people do go the extra step and keep track themselves through things like excel or openoffice/libreoffice (pick your poison) spreadsheets. YMMV on all of that and its whatever you're most comfortable with.

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    Also to note, the number reported on the Dashboard does not equal the gross reported on a 1099-K if you receive one.
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