Tried hit catcher and I'm kind of freaking out

Discussion in 'Help & Guides' started by sander, Feb 19, 2021.

  1. sander

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    I clicked the M where accept is on a 10 cent Hit and then saw that there were like 20 of them that were all counting down. How could I even have time to do all of these before the time runs out. I don't get it! All I do is get nervous when I see all them jobs ready for me to do and the time is running out on all of them.
    Is there something I don't know, can you stop the time on the ones you aren't doing until your ready to do them. So many of you are doing this so I know I must just not be getting it. How do you complete all those hits without the time running out?
    I deleted the title and they all went away but does that mean I've returned them all and that can't look good to a requestor.. I really don't get it. :emoji_confounded:
  2. CorvusSapiens

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    The hits will be in your Queue on mturk and you can work on them there. It really depends on how long the timer on the hits is and how long they take to do. If you can't work through them fast enough to keep up with the timer then that's probably not a hit that you want to use hit catcher on. You might be better off accepting them one at a time and checking the accept next box at the top of the hit.