TurkerView Update - Requester & User Profile Upgrades, Visual Revamp + Dark Theme

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    Just wanted to make a post detailing some of the changes to TurkerView's website & hopefully collect some feedback from you lovely people:ba:

    The original skin has been revamped a bit to provide a little less eye strain with all that white. Fancy shadow boxes, less eyeball abusive background, all @NBadger approved no worries. I've also officially incorporated (this is fancy talk for stole) @Trickydude24's dark theme as an option in the new user preferences page (you'll need to remove/disable his script for it to function properly). Send him love/thanks for it since it was 95% of the work.

    Changes to Reviews
    One of the biggest things I've heard from users is that the website is horribly lacking in its ability to disseminate important information to users in a way that makes sense for a website. Specifically, users coming to the website want data that the API cannot offer

    So reviews have been reworked a bit and are now "scored" on a few different metrics, the most important of which is the written content of the review. Along with other metrics (coming back to confirm a bonus or update approval time will earn you bonus points!) I think this will go a long way to helping content that is difficult to convey through the API to "bubble up" to the front page of a requester's profile for those coming to the site for more information.

    On top of that reviews will now display helpful contextual information about the author to help visiting users make a judgement on how that user's times may compare to their own.


    Requester Profile Changes
    Requester Profiles have "expanded" in order to accommodate some larger additions coming down the line & organize them a bit to allow for more sorting options/navigation. The widgets that allowed for requester id copying, MTurk search, and contacting the requester have been duplicated in the header so they're still easily accessible on smaller view ports.

    For now you'll notice that the default profile is just an overview of the requester's aggregate scores, wage history, and the top 3-5 reviews (by score) for their profile all-time. The /reviews/ subpage allows users access to more fine tuned sorting options so they can find the reviews they really want, including reviews for rejected HITs.

    Additionally a "recent HITs" widget has been added to the right hand pane so that users can quickly load reviews from a requester's most recently reviewed HITs.


    User Profile Changes
    The biggest change regarding users/profiles outside of the scoring system is opening up the ability for users to search their review history in order to find older content to update. Hopefully this will make it easier for users to come back and update their reviews with fresh content and report the approval time of the HIT.

    User Preferences
    Aside from the dark theme addition, you can now select a default sort order for Requester profile review pages. A lot of folks have asked for this so hopefully it'll be useful to you.

    Back End Fixes/Changes, Infrastructure Roadmap
    The login procedure was changed & fixed to hopefully eliminate a desync bug that would prevent users with freshly created accounts from being able to log in. If they didn't complete registration on TH in a certain order it'd bug out and not sync the username w/ TV, this should now be fixed & if not TV will recover the name upon successful authentication with TH.

    The main server has been beefed up with additional resources to help the website stay responsive during heavier load times. The API servers need a revamp though, I'd like to split them and give dedicated resources to different scripts but nothing concrete is planned yet.

    Many of the DB tables have been changed to accommodate new datasets TV will be building in the coming weeks. The main focus is helping protect workers & instill confidence in newer users who may be unsure which requesters are "safe" to work on.

    Feedback Greatly Appreciated
    When I launched TV many moons ago it grew quicker than I could have ever hoped. I'm immensely grateful for all the support, comments, bug reports, & suggestions folks have fired my way over the weeks.

    With this update I'd really love to know where TV is still lacking for people now. Many of these additions have come from suggestions I've gotten outside of TH so I'll def be sharing it in a few of those places. My focus for the next update is going to center around the theme of "protecting workers." While keeping all of the positive data focus attributes that have made TV useful for "pros" I think there is lots of room for data points that help give newer workers confidence in which HITs to do outside of just the $/hr metric.

    But no matter what the topic, I'd love to grab feedback from folks on whats helpful/not, changes they'd like to see, etc etc. I can be reached by DM @ChrisTurk or on reddit as /u/TurkerHub

    Thanks y'all :ba:
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    Thank you for the hard work.
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    I'm just glad that people are liking the dark themes I've whipped up over the years and even more excited to see it officially implemented. Keep up the good work @ChrisTurk! :ba:
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    Save feature for newest first would be wonderful :)
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