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    Hi everyone :)

    I started turking a decade ago, mainly doing writing hits for requesters such as John Gaddy, Midwest Internet, Andy K and PickFu. I was only very active for the first 6 months of membership earning $1,000+ in that timeframe. Between 2012-2019, I did the odd survey here and there. In 2020, I never logged into mturk as writing for Barclaycard Travel Community (BTC) became my main side gig. Unfortunately, BTC closed last week, so I started turking again yesterday.

    Today is my second day in a long time. For the past half hour, I have been getting this message when trying to work on HITS: "Unable to initialize. We may be having issues with our servers. Please refresh the page, or if that isn't working return the HIT and try again later if you would like to work on this task." -- I have never encountered this before. Is this a common occurrence?
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