We couldn't add this review...affecting new hourly stats?

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Support' started by PatrickBatman, Feb 26, 2019.

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    I realize the error message "We couldn't add this review as you've already reviewed a similar HIT from this requester. Sorry for the inconvenience!" is probably for batches. But I was wondering if you could make like hits "noah turk" for instance where they're not batches but you can do the same survey title, different groupID more than once have at least the time & pay added (but not review) to keep the new hourly stats accurate. But IDK really how you do the hourly stats (i have an idea), so idk if this is a problem, no big deal. Just mentioned it because I know we both like quality assurance and are overly technical hahaha.

    (perhaps just a checkbox users can check when this is the case to be able to submit time & pay only for hourly stats, since trying to figure out an algorithm for similar surveys from same requester with different group ids that aren't batches, might be a pain.)

    Perhaps, the Turkerview dashboard saves this (even when we turkers cant see it anymore) and you use this in computation (even if review isnt left or can't be), if so I apologize. But I'm assuming currently it doesnt, as my MTS tracker stats are off from my hourly stats today as I did another NoahTurk hit with the review error.
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