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    Hello Turkers,

    We are going to run an online story writing HIT today.

    We will run three sessions TODAY: the first session at 12 PM ET, the second at 1 PM ET and the third one at 2 PM ET. No repeat takers: workers are allowed to participate only in one session.

    If the games become full while you are in the middle of the instructions or there weren't enough people to start the game after you wait for a while, we will pay you for your time, and you will still be able to participate in future sessions of the HIT.

    HIT Information:
    • Requester ID: A3E0YXNLWNOH7E
    • HIT title: Write a short story
    • Time: 5th of Nov (i.e., today, Monday) at 12 pm, 1pm and 2pm (Eastern Time)
    • Expected HIT length: 20 mins ~ 40mins depends on conditions.
    • Qualifications Required: HIT Approval Rate (%) for all Requesters' HITs greater than or equal to 98, Number of HITs Approved greater than or equal to 100, Location is the US
    • You have to do the HIT from a computer (laptop, desktop). Mobile devices are NOT supported.
    HIT expectations:
    • We will submit the HIT at 12 PM PT, 1PM ET and 2PM ET. You will need to catch one of the two HITs to participate.
    • Each session may require 1 or 2 workers to start.
    • Workers who join the HIT late (after all the games have started) will receive a message like this: "Sorry, all games are full." Those workers will be paid $0.5 for showing up, and they will also be able to participate in the next sessions today.
    • You are allowed to participate at most once today.
    • If you would like to get email notification for future studies, please leave your email address in the feedback box.
    If you plan to participate in our HIT, it is critical that you try to show up on time. If you use tools to auto-accept HITs, please also make sure that you will start playing immediately after you accept our HIT. Otherwise, you would delay the start of the game for other participants.

    Please let us know if you have any questions during the study.

    Thank you
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