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    There is requester Avey. They ask for one to three sentences to "tell a doctor" about a disease. They tell you the name of the disease, usually in latin, and the symptoms. So if you had a pain in your knee, the HIT called for you to say, "Hello doctor I have a pain in my knee. Can you treat it?" Now if say I have kneecorpusdeterious (or whatever the latin words are) they don't pay. Its a 3 cents a HIT pay. I did about 30 of them and got hit with 29 rejections. I emailed them. I received a reply from someone, seemed like in the middle eastern region or the Caucasus. He was nice but said his algo rejected them becasue they did not use the words in his description. I asked him to use AI but he said not reliable. I told him to reverse the rejections, they penalize me more that the 87 cents because they drive down my acceptance rate. Sorry no reversal of bad fortune.
    Have you had a similar experience?
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