1. With the changes to MTurk's payment systems I'm recommending people take a moment to consider securing their on-site banking information from userscripts. TVJS has already been updated to explicitly prevent it from accessing sensitive pages, but workers should strongly consider permanently blacklisting scripts from running on pages containing banking information.

    [Guide] Globally Blacklisting Scripts From Running on MTurk's Bank Account Management Pages will show you how.

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Welcome to the TurkerHub.com mTurk Wiki!

Instead of continuing the tradition of outdated threads that tend to become abandoned as userbases change I'm implementing a more collaborative Wiki style to TurkerHub.

Anyone who is a registered member of TurkerHub for at least 1 week and with 3 posts may contribute to the Wiki. More discussion on current wiki topics, collaboration, etc can be found in the Wiki Forum. Before contributing to the Wiki make sure you're familiar with the Wiki Specific Markup Code.

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