Introduction to CAPTCHAs

A worker will be asked to enter a CAPTCHA approximately once every 35 accepted HITs.

An example of a CAPTCHA prior to accepting a HIT.

Failing 3 CAPTCHAs in quick succession will result in a 5 minute timeout on your mTurk account. You will be greeted with the following message when attempting to complete certain actions:
Multiple Failed CAPTCHAs results in a Worker Account timeout.

During this period you'll be unable to preview or accept HITs. If you attempt to a view a HIT that is in your queue while locked out from failing too many captchas it will automatically return the HIT.

Masters Qualification and CAPTCHAs

Workers who have been granted the Masters qualification will not be confronted with CAPTCHAs between accepting HITs[1].


Occasionally mTurk will prompt a CAPTCHA on login. This is most often reported when using a login script or browser autocomplete fields and logging in too quickly.

CAPTCHA Related Scripts and Resources - Shows a counter of approximately (based on 35 between each captcha) how many HITs you may accept before you receive a captcha. - Alerts you when a captcha is encountered. - Opens a captcha for you in a new window to complete and then closes it automatically after completion. **NOTE**: You may need to manually change the HIT it pulls up in the code yourself if the default HIT that comes with the script is not available. Turkerhub's member exclusive captcha clearing HIT would work well with this script.

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