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    Due to site changes to combat SPAM we ask that you send profile claim requests by email to


    Welcome to TurkerHub/TurkerView!

    We're the community behind TurkerView. The sites are basically one in the same, just residing on different servers. Because of the robust authentication techniques offered by the forum software all registration/account services are tied to TurkerHub & valid on TurkerView --- much like logging into sites using your existing Facebook/Google accounts that many websites use to streamline & secure their authentication process :)

    If you're registering an account to claim a Requester profile we ask that you validate ownership of your requester account. This helps prevent damage to your reputation on the platform and generates trust between users who will know that you've taken the extra time to reach out & become a part of the community they already know & trust.

    Why Claim Your Profile?
    While MTurk offers you many ways to identify the history & quality of a worker there are no built in services for workers to evaluate or determine if a requester - new or old - is actively monitoring their account or understands many of the niche aspects of the platform not in the documentation (many don't know that blocking workers to prevent them from retaking a survey can actually get a worker's account suspended!).

    Registering your account & claiming your profile gives workers not only a strong indication that you'll be available for communication if technical difficulties or other problems arise working together but that you've spent time learning about the platform beyond the plug & play templates that exist when you first sign up. For many that is a huge sigh of relief and can attract quality workers to add your account to special "watch" lists for the arrival of new tasks from your account.

    We can also help repair profiles that have been previously damaged due to a lack of communication or misunderstandings about the platform between both sides. Overall, TH/TV aims to be a bridge between workers & requesters to promote more positive work relationships across MTurk and we highly encourage requesters to register & engage with the folks working with them :)

    Validation can be done in a few ways, explained below.

    How To Claim A TurkerView Profile

    For Academics
    If you're a student, professor, or otherwise associated with a University and your work is authorized by an IRB that's awesome, we love y'all & the work you do on the platform! It also makes it incredibly easy to validate your requester account: simply register with your University assigned e-mail address, then send me a message with a link to your requester profile on TV (or your requester id if you do not yet have a TV profile but would like one generated for you).

    For Businesses
    Much like academic accounts if you're operating as a representative of a known business account you can simply register for an account on TurkerHub/TurkerView using your company e-mail address & validate it on registration by clicking a link sent to your e-mail. Then send me a message with a link to your requester profile on TV (or your requester id if you do not yet have a TV profile but would like one generated for you).

    For Everyone Else
    If neither of the above apply to your account or for other reasons you prefer not to register with that information we'll simply contact you on MTurk with an authorization code & validating that will claim ownership of your TurkerView profile. Simply send me a message with your TV profile or requester id to get started

    Don't know your requester id?
    That's OK, we can usually find it for you. Just use any of the contact links above & send me your requester name from the account management portal - under "Personal Settings" on the right hand side and we'll get your account set up.
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