1. With the changes to MTurk's payment systems I'm recommending people take a moment to consider securing their on-site banking information from userscripts. TVJS has already been updated to explicitly prevent it from accessing sensitive pages, but workers should strongly consider permanently blacklisting scripts from running on pages containing banking information.

    [Guide] Globally Blacklisting Scripts From Running on MTurk's Bank Account Management Pages will show you how.

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COB Survey (RequesterID A27PP5O6GT2GSW)

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Support' started by MDamion, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. MDamion

    MDamion New Turker

    Health Information and Judgments Study(~ 20 minutes)
    45 minutes is not 20 minutes! I gave up trying to figure out how to post a review. It wasn't a bad hit but it wasn't 20 minutes either! Just kept going on and on.
    Need to come up with a better way of leaving reviews. I got fed up going round in circles and decided to just post in here.
    UPDATE: (9min later) - I just found the TurkerView Tab. Meh!
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2019