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    Hello everyone! I just started turking today, and I'm having some issues regarding to the volume of broken HITs. I have tried to do about 30 HITs, and have only been able to actually do one of them because all the other ones had issues (image didn't load, error messages, etc). Does anyone know how to sift through these more efficiently?
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    Welcome to Mturk! When I first started doing HIT's I noticed the same thing. You sort of get discouraged for a while sometimes. The best advice I can give is learn to recognize when the HITs are bad by looking at the red or green bars from the Turkerview ratings.

    When you find a HIT that does work, and that requester posts often, make a note of that requester and search the search bar on the HITs page in mturk for that requester as a daily ritual. Mturk will save your most commonly searched terms. As you "level up" and reach the "minimum number of HITs= x number" milestones, there will be more HITs available for you to sift through. It might take a year or so until you feel that the HITs are seemingly better paying and as you do more HIT's and take qualification tests for new requesters, you will find that you are eligible for more. There are days when there just isn't a lot to do, which means you can take the time to do qualification tests.

    Best of luck! :emoji_shamrock:
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