Flakey Requester with Poor Qaulity Support Team that never responds to my post.

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    Requester AATZ5SWOQ932L seems to have a poor quality control Support Team that checks over the work. Many of my hits are being rejected when my work is accurate according to the instructions and the samples. This is mostly the regarding Bad quality images.

    I am doing the Extract General Data & Items From Shopping Receipt. You entry in the Store Name, Address, Date, Time and Total. Then you enter in the Item and line code.

    It seems his support team are doing bad job of knowing what is a good quality image and bad quality image. They even have one photo sample of bad quality image and then one sample of a good one. Some images are clear and readable and I can enter in the data, but many of them are not, so I click on, Bad quality image -Most of the image is not clear or it's not a receipt or the sides of the image and some numbers are cut or I don't see any item code.

    It there is dozen in a row that are bad quality image, 2 or 3 or 4 are approved, but then the next 3 or 4 are pending. Some times they can pend for days and then approved, other times they can pend for a few min and then rejected. Sometimes they can just pend for days and nothing happens. If they are correct they will be approved with in a one min.

    When I get a rejections, I get this rejection Feedback, Dear Worker, We appreciate your effort working on our hit. In an effort to insure quality we review the hit results constantly. Unfortunately your last work was rejected because we have found the result to be inaccurate or not according to instructions. Next time please read and follow instructions carefully before submitting your work. Thank you! I find it as frustrating as hell that this requester and the support team never give me more detail of what I did wrong, and why a bad quality image is wrong when I did it the way they asked me to to do it.

    The other issues, is they never respond to any of my massages, no matter what is going on. If question on how do something or why it got rejected or rejection overturn. They never respond back. I do get this nice little replay however, Your request (*****) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff. To add add additional comments, replay to this email.

    It would seem if they cared about quality work, they would bump up the pay rate per hit, and do better job of checking the support team. I

    I would like to know if anyone who have worked Requester AATZ5SWOQ932 have had the same issues I am with this requester?

    Thank You,

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    Most people stop working on receipt hits quickly after they start, at least if they are turking from the US, because of both the fact that they are extremely underpaid and that rejections are fairly likely with them.

    Checking tv and/or to reviews can be helpful if you are new and want to avoid the risk of working for requesters who are known to reject.

    The only receipt hits I ever really found kind of worth working on were the "are these receipts the same" from Receipt Processing
    As far as I know those don't generally reject (or they didn't when I used to do them) and they only take a few seconds to do so they aren't grossly underpaid but they rarely have large batches and have a short timer so you can never get into a good rhythm and really make it worth it.
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