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    So i tried contacting this requester Jack Smith about a HIT that was called "Snapchat Users, we want your opinions!" and I ended up being rejected because I didn't give a survey code at the end. I remember I contacted him once i finished the survey to let him know that the code didn't show up so I put my ID in its place instead. After digging around i saw that a handful of other people were rejected by him as well. After emailing him twice, I still haven't heard back. I was going to bring it up to the IRB but I don't even know what to say or how to go about bringing it up since i'm fairly new to mturk. Any advice? Thank you guys in advance

    Tl;dr: how do i bring up an unfair rejection to the IRB?

    edit: im so sorry this is my first time posting a thread and i posted on the wrong forum :( i apologize
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    Generally there is not much you can do. If you get rejected for lack of a code the first thing you should do is re-enter the survey and make sure it was not on the page before the last one. I have seen requester's just put it in the debriefing and other strange spots. When I get rejected <Not often> I message them explaining how much rejections hurt the workers and why I should not be rejected. Once I was rejected for finishing a survey to fast, I opened the survey while recording my screen finished it <In less time than the first> uploaded it and sent it to them. The next day I was no longer rejected.
    But Mturks motto is pretty clear. Its up to the requester in the end. Always check the reviews for the HIT and if they like to reject often take a pass. 1$ is not worth a rejections when you don't have many HITS. But don't worry eventually you'll have so many HITS done if you get rejected it wont do much in the way of ruining your %. <A quick glace at my numbers and it would take me about 100 rejections to drop me under 99%
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