[Please Help!] How do you complain about a "bad" requester?

Discussion in 'Help & Guides' started by starfish, Mar 12, 2021.

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    I'm a minorly experienced Turker, but as an old person I'm not very experienced with forums. So I apologize if I'm not in the right place or not doing this correctly - please gently direct me to where I should be. Ten days ago I took a HIT from IC3 AI team, Record audio clips for acoustic echo study, where I had to download their program - over the objection of my computer. At every step I was told everything was successful, things uploaded, and I received my code. After I checked the consent, as instructed, the submit button lit up but when I entered the code, the submit button cleverly went dark and wouldn't work. So they have their data, my work, and I have - well nothing. I've written them three times with no response. They are unfortunately rated with a poor communication score. Is there somewhere that I can lodge a formal complaint or something?
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    Did you message them on mturk or email them?

    Here is an email address they use for the record audio clips hits: ic3ai@outlook.com.