Launching multiplayer games (poor click-through?)

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    Hi. *wave* I have seen a lot of good suggestions from workers to this already and something similar to my suggestion might have already been said, I didn't have time to read every single reply, but my thought was: perhaps you can create a HIT asking for players that are interested in playing the game to take a short screener for a minimal payout, to see if they qualify and/or meet the demographic you are looking for in your study. Everyone who is accepted will be of the qualifications and demographic you are looking for. Also, in this screener/qualifying HIT tell the worker specific details about when they would need to commit to play the game, a certain date within a certain time (ie: If you agree to participate in the second part of this HIT, the multiplayer game, you are committing to/agreeing to sign on to MTurk on this date at this time. If you are not logged in and in the lobby of the game ready to play within ten minutes of 1:00 pm you will not receive compensation. This is not to be cruel, this is to ensure quality and respect the time of the workers who show up on time and are ready to participate." Then, when that date arrives, email each worker several hours before the start time a link to the HIT and remind them of their commitment. Send the email once more to the workers 30 minutes before it starts. There are many of us who take our commitments and the work we submit seriously and if you email 30 people, at least 20 should either see the reminder and join right away or even sign on at the time to seek out your HIT on the dashboard because they had remembered on their own.

    I know I have agreed to take part in HITs that are several parts, two different recent HITs I worked on required me to sign on and complete a task once every day for seven days, within a certain time range. I did not have any issue completing the HIT each day and I even looked forward to the HITs, they were unique and mixed things up a bit and I learned something from each of them. Come to think of it, a couple of months ago I was part of a multiplayer survival island HIT where there were several other players and myself, needing to collaborate and work together, in real time (all signed in and working on the HIT at the same time) in order to complete the objective of the game. It was successful and a lot of fun.

    You could most likely find 20 workers willing to commit to be a part of your HIT right here in the comments of your forum post. Heck, I will participate if you are still looking for people!

    Either way, I wish you all the best. Let us all know how you make out.

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