Long time MTurker and first time using Turkerview

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by PickleBreeder, Feb 9, 2020.

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    Hello everyone!

    I created this Turkerview account a long time ago but never used it until now. I have some regrets about my choice of username. Beyond that, I do have some questions since I'm relatively new to this forum:

    1. Does Turkerview help Turkers get into contact with requesters? For instance, might one be offered more HITs for being active on Turkerview?

    2. If you're comfortable answering, how much do you make using MTurk every month? I've noticed recently I've been making less and less even though I have it on all day. Is there something I'm missing? I'm just above 2000 HITs with 2 rejections and I already use Crazy Panda Helper and HIT Finder. Some months I make $300 or so but it seems like so much effort to even get close to that. Will it get better once I hit 5000 HITs?

    I'm sure these questions have been answered before, but I just wanted some fresh perspectives.
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  2. purplepotato

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    Hi and welcome! Feel free to join the conversation in the daily threads, that's where most folks hang out.

    I think the answer to question 1 is yes and no, but mostly no. It can help some newer folks in very specific contexts (like unpaid bonuses and rejections disputes) to encourage polite and professional communication if you use the form letter templates. Other than that very limited context, no, not really. You won't be offered more hits by using TV, but it can help you learn which hits are worth it for you. For your second question, getting your approved hits number up will help a bit, but honestly I think you'll gain more in experience as you're on the platform longer - learning the requesters and hit types that work best for you, building your include/block list, and getting your workflow down.
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