March '17 Awards Voting & Stats

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Who is your selection for March '17 TurkerHub MotM?

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  1. BadPanda

  2. SeDuCer

  3. Salamander

  4. SAJ

  5. Alina

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  1. ChrisTurk

    ChrisTurk Administrator

    This thread will be a little different as it'll have the normal poll and a few new no-voting-necessary for funsie awards.

    HIT Posters for this month:

    MemberTotal PandA Points# HITs
    @BadPanda 4,331808
    @SeDuCeR 3,015802
    @Salamander 2,446381
    @SAJ 2,416403
    @Alina 2,170198
    You're free to use any criteria you prefer to vote, I'm just trying to provide some objective metrics to help folks decide. Obviously if you felt someone's HITs in particular were helpful to you vote based on that :)

    A user badge will be granted (there may even be a selection of them depending on how many cheesy titles I can come up with!) along with the normal $20 and contributor perks.. If those ever become a thing. Rewards will probably be paid out through mTurk for simplicity sake.

    Voting will be open until Tuesday morning this time since the weekend is slow and I'll be out of town. Hopefully everyone can get a chance to cast their ballot (and so the poll ends at a reasonable time). No campaigning public or private.

    Misc Awards/Stats:
    Giving a test-run of swapping from user volume to volume on a single post for these awards this month since it creates a cooler snapshot of major posts on the forum from the last month. Might go back next month, or do both? Dunno! But for now..

    Funniest Posts:
    The snark double-a-roo post (18) - @MNHammer
    There is no such thing as a stupid question, unless you ask UNU (17) - @MyLegIsFine
    A lesson in survey ethics (14) - @turks24
    CAPTCHA Daydreams (14) - @Hummingbirdee

    Most Useful:
    Kadauchi admits to secretly throttling your scripts for his own gain (15) - @Kadauchi
    Helpful advice for completing Keith Andersons (9) - @WildFlower
    Requester explains his HITs (9) - @JonAtwell

    Most Loved:
    Congrats again on the new job bro! (19) - @RicanGuy86
    Ohhh shiny (10) - @leafs4_cup
    People love a girl who works for her money. (10) - @Jesicu
    Good life advice (10) - @SAJ

    You can see the new icons (as well as a fully up to date list of ALL icons) here:
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  2. jdzane

    jdzane Survey Slinger

    Hold @WildFlower gets special mention for copy and pasting a keith explanation from MTC but I get squat for modifying my first code and sharing it???[​IMG]
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  3. Ballistic406

    Ballistic406 Survey Slinger

    Damn. my bewby8 captcha came closeish to placing. Should have saved it for a less funny month.
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  4. jessers

    jessers Survey Slinger

    Chris, thanks for all your hard work that clearly went into not only tracking these things, but just doing this for us at all so we can have fun while we work this lonely job!

    And congrats everyone! Thanks for all of this contribution and everything that didn't make the cut - it inspires me to contribute more to see how great of a community we have here!


    I think anyone who complains should lose the opportunity to win anything the following month.
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  5. SAJ

    SAJ Survey Slinger

    Damn it @jessers beat me to it :hitwithrock: So what she said X2 and add "wicked awesome " in a few spots so I come off as original :ay:
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