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    Mod Panel
    Its finally done & functions. Oh yeah baby, we've been fully wild wild west out there until now LOL. It has some cool features, right now it'll display:
    • Flagged reviews (duh) - which can be handled right in the mod panel. Either skip_calc'd (which means the review will still show up on the website, but its scores will not calculate for/against a Requester) or hidden (which means its been "soft deleted" more or less, currently only one review has been hidden).
    • Shows a list of recent reviews where flags like rejected, blocked, etc which will hopefully curb people just bomb'ing requesters blatantly without oversight.
    • Pulls reviews with weird/possibly inaccurate wage reports
    • Looks for reviews with Requester IDs that don't look valid (in case of booboos on copy/pastes haha
    Of course.. none of the above is any good w/o folks checking on it (and letting me know what can be improved on it). As of now, the current @Moderator team from here on TH has full access to the panel, but I'm interested in grabbing more folks. Since this is largely a non-social / no-interaction role I'm very interested in anyone interested in contributing to data quality on the site. Preferably higher-level / experienced turkers who can spot likely low quality / unhelpful reviews.

    Shoot me a DM (or your favorite coloquial term) if you've got any interest in helping out.

    Moderating Reviews
    This currently isn't possible, but I'm curious what people think about mods being able to edit reviews, so long as the review is clearly marked as moderated.

    Mostly I'm considering it because of things like survey content, as a middle ground between wild west "whatever goes" reviews & hiding them completely (which kinda sucks to do).

    I also want information on TV to be accurate, but I don't want to be manually fiddling in people's stuff. Which means right now I'm more apt to just mark reviews as non-calculated if they aren't updated (in the case of mass rejections being overturned, for example) and leaving them be over manually changing them to be unrejected/etc.

    One thing I'm going to really push/reinforce is that reviews should be for the benefit of your fellow worker, not ones blood pressure. And by that I mean the kind of reviews that are just hatred fueled tirades against a rejection/low pay are not the kind of content that'll ever "stick" on TV. The hordes are likely coming, and as of right now TurkerView is actually incredibly helpful to me. Which I hope means its useful to other folks as well (despite it not yet being available on scrapers) because I haven't used TO in ages and I actually use TV lol.

    Anyway, just wondering if anyone has opinions on review moderation. The good, bad, ugly, etc etc.
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  2. BooBooKitty

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    Not sure if I like reviews being edited. I would like if rude and not helpful comments could be marked and then hidden or deleted.
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    I like what @BooBooKitty suggested. A comment could show as "hidden by moderator" or something rather than editting its content. Whoever wants to read it can click on "read anyway" or something similar.
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    I got so excited bc I thought CT had finally fixed the nightmare that is moderating reviews, but alas, this thread is a year old :p
    From a personal stand point I agree that rude reviews should just be hidden, as is currently done, but a lot of times I find myself hiding an entire review that has good information just because it mentions some kind of survey content, so I can see the argument for allowing specific edits.
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