[Guide] Mturk Guide: Getting Started on Mechanical Turk

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    Mturk Guide is a website I created with the purpose of providing an in depth guide to help new Mechanical Turk workers break through the steep learning curve and start making money on Mturk. On this website you will find:
    • A getting started page explaining several important aspects of Mechanical Turk and offering advice on how to best start establishing an efficient workflow.
    • A script guide detailing how scripts are used to make life easier (and more profitable) for turkers and how to start installing these scripts. You will also find a list of the most useful/widely used scripts currently available.
    • A "leveling up" page offering more advanced tips to help further improve your turking aptitude.
    • Several tutorials for writing your own AutoHotkey scripts to help make HITs easier, faster, and more efficient.
    • An Approval Rating Calculator that helps you calculate how many approved HITs you will need to reach a given approval rating.
    I will be slowly adding more content, mainly in the form of new tutorials. Any feedback is welcome.
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