MTurk Suite HIT Tracker history missing?

Discussion in 'mTurk Scripts & Resources' started by SuzyQ, Aug 3, 2020.

  1. SuzyQ

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    I recently logged back in to MTurk at work after being furloughed from my job since March - during furlough and collecting unemployment, I did not do any hits (at work or at home).

    In May, my employer got hit by a hacker, and all computers left on (as mine was) got encrypted. So, my employer gave me a new hard drive, and now I need to export my HIT Tracker information from my home computer, to my work computer.

    Except - I just logged on at home, on my laptop, and my HIT Tracker history seems to be completely gone? (It was definitely there in April, because I was updating it.)

    Am I doing something wrong, or did something happen? I kicked the dates back into last year, right up to today, and it's like it's been wiped clean, there's nothing, and there should absolutely be hundreds of hits from January through March.
  2. Kadauchi

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    Unfortunately it sounds like something must have happened to clear your HIT Tracker data. The absolute furthest you can go back in your history on MTurk is 150 days (March 6) but HT isn't capable of doing that.

    Uninstalling MTS is one thing that could clear the data. Maybe something like CCearner could too but I'm not 100% sure without testing it. There isn't really much that can be done now except trying to prevent this from happening to you again in the future.