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    I'm just going to jot down notes as I can remember them to hopefully help folks get over the learning curve associated with contributing to the Wiki.

    Creating Properly Laid Out Pages, Table of Contents, Headers.

    The wiki uses Headers in order to generate table of contents and page layout. Basically H=1 is the biggest header, H=6 is the smallest. You can use H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6.

    If you do the following:
    [H=1]Content Title[/H]
    Content content content
    [H=2]Baby Content Title[/H]
    Content Content
    [H=1]New Content Title[/H]
    New Content
    The TOC would be:
    1) Content Title
    1.1) Baby Content Title​
    2) New Content Title

    So on and so forth. So you can "nest" content into the main topic by using a H# that is smaller than the top level header. Once you use another H=1 the hierarchy will be "reset."

    Sourcing References
    This is probably the biggest one. Right now references should not be sourced from mTurkGrind. I cannot repeat this enough, do NOT reference material from there.

    If knowledge is coming directly from your brain, obviously no source will need to be included, so mostly this will be a judgement call.

    Creating References
    I've just now gotten a handle on how to do these. Its a bit of a bother so here is the quick guide. At the end of a sentence/paragraph you want to cite a reference to use:
    [footnote]Title of Reference Page/Blog/Post [url][/url][/footnote]
    Notice the title (and author if you'd like), and url bbcode+link are all inside the footnote. This will auto-generate a # for it and place the data inside the footnote into a reference list that you'll have to add to the bottom of the page.

    Then at the very end of the wiki page use:
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  2. Fio

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    Any special tags for creating tables?
  3. ChrisTurk

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    The normal bbcode for tables works.

    [table] <- obvious
    [tr] <- table row
    [th] <- table header
    [td] <- normal table cell

    put together it'll be like

    [tr][th]Column 1 Header[/th][th]Column 2 Header[/th][/tr]
    [tr][td]Colum 1 Data[/td][td]Column 2 Data[/td][/tr]

    Column 1 HeaderColumn 2 Header
    Colum 1 DataColumn 2 Data
    The caveat to this is that the wiki supports sortable tables. I haven't learned that myself yet, but I plan to do it for the #s HITs. If you need it for something LMK and I'll write up a quick guide, but for now all the tables I've used have been plain old boring static ones.
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    I was going to try and work on the #s HITs page but got frustrated quickly.

    Also, for some reason, th and td cells look the same to me.
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    I stumbled across this page which had useful info in it on some of tags you may use:
    It has great examples too

    The link is actually at the top of the wiki home page but it wasn't obvious to me at first so I thought I'd post it here
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    I will give it a try on wiki never had it