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  1. Justday

    Justday New Turker

    Happy Wednesday!

    I'm just coming back to mTurk after several years away and starting over is....interesting.

    New site, new scripts, new requesters, I have over 400k HITs under my belt but feel like a newbie!

    All of my old quals are still there but many of them appear to be worthless now. :emoji_sob:

    Just stopping in to say hi, I'll be poking around reading up.

    Any pointers for a new/old turker would be most welcome.
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  2. j0sh83

    j0sh83 Survey Slinger

    Welcome back!

    Hang out in the Daily. You may find some of your old requesters are still alive and kicking. Or find some new ones :emoji_smiley:

    What scripts were you using before? MTS is a great all in one solution. QBC is also good if you are willing to pay a monthly fee. Assuming you mostly worked on batches with those numbers, but if you want to catch surveys you will want to get the CR #1 qual. Do a StudyLab HIT and wait a couple of weeks to see if you get it.