November '17 Awards & MotM Voting

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Who is your selection for November '17 TurkerHub MotM?

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  1. ChrisTurk

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    TurkerHub November Awards & Voting

    HIT Posters for this month:
    MemberTotal PandA Points# HITs
    @Confirmed Robot (SEP) 5,716591
    @MNHammer 4,451362
    @BadPanda (JUL) 2,254286
    @gurlondrums 1,780 244
    @Mothra 1,145116
    @keysman 1,119127
    Voting will close early Tuesday morning.

    Posting Awards
    Each month folks will earn icons for best individual posts (top 3 excluding ties & the admin since people have to like/love/lol at his junk) and for most overall ratings (top 2 to make it an even 5 icons floating around a month). I appreciate a good one-liner as much as consistently great content submissions, so fun icons for all!

    Funniest Posts
    People will laugh at you if you post about your ignore list21@Girl Polar Bear
    Buzby actually died of embarassment16@humbleturker
    Alrighty well we're cutting this list short this month because the most hilarious event shouldn't have attention called to it.. Thanks HT for having the only wholesome post on this.. wait a minute :emoji_sweat_smile:
    (send help the most kosher funny post this entire month is an animated cat humping another animated cat)

    Always Turking Around
    @Hummingbirdee (2,035) & @ThisPoorGuy (1,221)

    Most Useful Posts
    Fantastic Backup Your Stuff Post11@Cosmo
    UNU Quals!8@MyLegIsFine
    Sergey Qual :salt:7@ceedj
    Adsforce abandons www7@GimmeHits
    Most Helpful Members
    @Randomacts (181) & @Totally Not , (152)

    Most Loved Posts
    Moderator abusing his adorable family for Internet points!!!57@GreenMachine842
    Members abusing adorable admin for Internet points!!!43@NBadger @lefty @angel @jessers @WimpLo @ThisPoorGuy @GoldGuardian @Tripsa @laby @Hummingbirdee @knottypiper @jamer @Celtic Lady
    (if I missed anyone, please let me know, I simply used the kudos board, but I would 100% like to have an accurate list.. for reasons)
    Its cool I'll brag on you :hug: :ba:24@CheshireKitty
    God bless the young woman willing to take the last name "DikDik"21@DikDik
    Everybody Loves
    @Hummingbirdee ('s cat) (Birdee if you ever fall from this perch I will be so stupidly sad because every month I still legitimately giggle at the cat part) (1,216) & @lefty (381)

    As always, thank you to everyone here. Y'all all make this place awesome and I for one enjoyed going back over a lot of these posts from the last month (again!). We're a cool group of questionable quality posters and I wouldn't want to spend my sleepless nights backtracking IPs through the GUI basic intertubes with anyone else.. Except definitely Taylor Swift :emoji_sweat_smile:
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  3. ChrisTurk

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    Et tu, ALL OF YOU!?!?
    I see the movement revolution coup ??? is still alive and well.
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  4. Momof1

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    All that campaigning and I didn't get in the finals? Well I am posting more hits and kissing more minions this month! Oh Wait I should probably stop that, a few people have
    looked at me weird for doing that. [​IMG]
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