[Script] Panda Crazy

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    To tag someone, type @ and then start typing their username (no space after the @), and a list of users that start with the letters you type will appear. Just click on the name of the person you want to tag from that list, and it will notify them when you post. Also, welcome to the forum! Feel free to stop by the daily threads if you haven't already, that's where most of the conversation happens :)
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  2. TKNO

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    Panda Crazy has seemingly stopped catching HITs for me when using the Requester Search.... I have a closed qual for a requester that posts at a certain time, so I run PC in HAM starting 15m before the hour....for the last 2 weeks it hasn't caught anything from the requester....I was able to grab a HIT using Hit Catcher but it's really rare to do it that way...

    Has anyone else noticed this part of Panda Crazy not working or just me?