[Please Help!] Question about unfair rejections when they are imposable to do.

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    Extract Data From Shopping Receipt.

    This is the one you enter in Product, Product Number and Price. Many times many of them out of of out of focus. I have 2 options to pick from.

    Good quality image -Most of the image is good I'm starting work

    Bad quality image -
    Most of the image is not clear or it's not a receipt or the sides of

    I get one that it is out of focus or that the Produce or Product number is white out or faded. In that case, I will check the Bad quality image, and sometimes they will check this wrong and reject me. I feel this is wrong and unfair.

    When they do reject me they send me the generic massage,

    Dear Worker, We appreciate your effort working on our hit. In an effort to insure quality we review the hit results constantly. Unfortunately your last work was rejected because we have found the result to be inaccurate or not according to instructions. Next time please read and follow instructions carefully before submitting your work. Thank you.

    Why do they send me this and never respond when they have audio replay, You request is been received and is being reviewed by our support staff. It upsetting me they never replay back and eject me with out telling me why.