Requestors need to let you know when a keyboard is needed

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Rejection in this situation justified?

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  1. Maynard78

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    I took a 20 minute survey from Language and Cognition Lab for a $1.70 payout. Absolutely no where on the HIT description or in the instructions did it warn that a keyboard would be necessary, or not to use a mobile devise. So I start the survey and it is working fine. I complete the entire 20 minute survey, then it says "Only demographic questions are left then you are complete", "Please press the space bar". I have no way of pushing a physical spacebar on my smartphone. So I let the requester know what happened and even gave them the demographic information they would need. They rejected the HIT and I wasted 20 minutes just to increase my rejection rate.

    I feel this is the requesters fault and they never responded to my message. I'm getting tired of unjust rejections. I only have 7 rejections with over 1,200 HIT'S completed, but those 7 rejections cost me about $20 and hours of my time and none of them were justified.

    So in your opinion was the rejection justified?