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    There are a few basic scripts you will want installed to get you going. If you don't already you will need a script manager. The two most popular seem to be Tampermonkey (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) and Greasemonkey (FireFox). Next you will need to fill those up with scripts so they do stuff. You can do that by going to our own scripts section of Turker Hub or go to GreasyFork.

    Now everyone has a different set up when it comes to scripts. Your going to have to play around and figure out what works for you. Most people have a combination of these:


    At the bare minimum I would HIGHLY advise running TurkOpticon (TO). Remember when I was talking about qualifications and HIT approval ratings? TO is a rating and review system for requesters. By utilizing TO the worker can easily check in to see if a particular requester is honest and worth working for or not. Keep in mind though a bad TO rating does not always mean a bad requester... one bad review can be a fluke. 100 bad reviews and something is up.

    You can find TurkOpticon on Greasyfork or can search requesters straight from the TurkOpticon webpage without installing as a script.

    HIT Database:

    HIT Database (HIT DB) is used to keep track of both HITs and requesters. HIT DB lets you know when you have completed a certain HIT before or worked for that requester previously. HIT DB does not auto update and will need to manually be told to update.


    Watchers are used to alert you whenever someone or something posts. Watchers allow you to input a search term (typically requester ID, Group ID, name, etc) and the watcher program will automatically search for and alert you whenever something matching the search term is found.

    Two of the most popular seem to be Overwatch and Hit Monitor.


    A scraper will "scrape" through available HITs and return a list matching the search criteria.

    Popular scrapers include HIT Scraper and HIT Finder

    Note: If you wish to post any HITs to forums you will need a forum export. Turker Hub has its own export script available here.

    mTurk Suite:

    Available as a browser extension, mTurk Suite brings together a large collection of useful tools and scripts to assist workers. mTurk Suite includes TurkOpticon, HIT Finder, Forum Export and a number of others. (Credit to @Kadauchi for creating this extension)

    Backing up your scripts:

    Please remember to create backups as well. You never know when something might glitch out or fail. Most members seem to like to do it weekly, usually on a Saturday or Sunday when mTurk is the slowest and store the backups across multiple locations.

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    New to scripts appreciate the details great for starting out and learning. Thank you
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