[Please Help!] The PandAs Still do not make sense to me in QBC.

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    upload_2022-4-2_8-32-45.png upload_2022-4-2_8-34-27.png
    The first photo has the selections in purple. Why is that?
    Second, I had a whole bunch of requesters in my TV Watcher and when ever I would select start all, they would toggle off . Or i would select a few and it would still toggle off. Doesnt catch the HITs I want so i am starting over. How do I add hits to my panda manager? @ChrisTurk

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    Purple means you did not have the correct qualifications or you were blocked by that requester, but typically it is just the former, rather than the latter.

    For this instance, you tried to toggle the panda's back on (per your statement) and they went purple because most of these are surveys. If the HIT is setup correctly, most surveys only allow you to take 1 and QBC already caught the HIT as noted by the 1 in the Acc column.

    TV and YV are auto-managed by QBC. If you try to toggle it on, QBC will toggle it off because it does not currently see the HIT in the scraper.

    Again, per your screenshot, you would not need to try and toggle these back on as you have already accepted nearly all of these HITs.

    For future reference, if for some reason you want to leave a panda running that was created as TV or YV panda, you will need to change the Group to None and then QBC will stop toggling the panda off. Keep in mind that if you do this, you will need to manage the panda yourself.
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