(Tues. 31 of Oct 3PM EDT) Multiplayer study - Earn 50 cents + bonus up to $2

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    We will run an online multiplayer game as part of an MIT scientific project. The qualification HIT will take place tomorrow (Tuesday 31 of October) at 3PM EDT time and the actual HIT will be same day at 4PM EDT (one hour later)

    The HIT requires people to be online simultaneously. We might run the experiment again (x3 times) in the coming days, with no repeat takers (participants are allowed to play the game only once) .

    The Qualification HIT information:
    HIT title:
    [Qual HIT] Multiplayer study- Earn 50 cents + bonus up to $2
    Time: Tuesday @ 3PM EDT
    Expected HIT length: 1 minute
    Qualification: "Qualification round!" qualification is NOT granted

    Requester ID:

    The actual HIT information:
    HIT title:
    [Play immediately] Multiplayer study- Earn 50 cents + bonus up to $2
    Time: Tuesday @ 4PM EDT
    Expected HIT length: 7-15 minutes
    HIT expectations: The game consists of 10 rounds. At each round, you will receive a payment between 0 and 20 cents. Then, you will have to choose between three options that will determine your payment on the next round. Yo will play simultaneously with other Mturkers.

    If you are to participate and get assigned the qualification, it is critical that you show up on time at 4PM EDT. Otherwise, it would delay the start of the game for the other participants
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