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    I think for the most part TH Toolbox is small and self explanatory for now, so I'll leave you to play with it, but I wanted to put up a thread to get concise feedback, suggestions, and bug reports for this specific aspect of the forum.

    Currently Disabled Features:
    • White/Blacklists
    • Help Button
    Currently Working Features:
    • Work/Social Modes
      • Work Mode: Will only display posts with HITs, scripts, & projected earning breakdowns
      • Social Mode: Will hide all HITs, scripts, & PEs in case you're in 'wind down' mode.
    • Qualification Filters
      • Masters - You can set your current masters qualification (granted or not) and set "Show Qualified HITs only" on the main Dashboard to begin filtering HITs that aren't relevant to you. In the future I'll be adding other qualifications as I have time, so for now this is sort of redundant but hopefully you understand why.
    • Live Update / Post Jump hotlinking - hopefully this will make it more clear to users how to edit these features as "Thread Tools" is sort of hidden for new users (not very intuitive).
    Currently Known Bugs:

    Fixed 11/25: When switching modes you may need to refresh the page before show/hide functionality works.

    Requested Features:

    None yet, but as I see good suggestions/requests that I actually plan to implement I'll add them here (and probably move the posts to another thread to keep clutter to a minimum).
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  2. deansep

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    I just wanted to swing by and state I support and like this change. I, myself, wont use half of it but I like having it over on the side tucked away and like the changes and hard work you are putting forth. Thank you.