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Discussion in 'Requesters' started by Zoro, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. Zoro

    Zoro New Turker

    Hi everyone,

    what should I do if I have questions about tasks?
    How can I ask my questions regarding unclear parts of the task description from requesters?

  2. purplepotato

    purplepotato Lavender Spudkin

    Welcome to the forum! You can contact requesters through mturk. There are several ways to get to the contact form - if you've already worked for them, you can find the task(s) you completed on your dashboard and click contact requester on the far right next to the hit. You can also look them up on TurkerView and use the contact requester button below their name - you'll get an error message after sending the message, but they go through just fine. If you've got MTS, you can also right click on a requester's name from mturk or your scraper and that'll give you a contact link as well.

    Whether or not they respond to those questions depends on the requester. They will be able to see your full name and email address if you do this btw.
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