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    I just did this hit for a Jen Boger about evaluating websites for dementia info. It said you had to do 4 websites to get paid. So I did one, and during it, I saw a message that said I did all four pages (not websites) so I qualified to get paid. Fine.
    Then the next website was an attention check. I put in all the right answers and it said to go on and do more to EXIT to go on. So I did, then it said you didn't do four websites, we can't pay you, so return the hit.

    While this doesn't qualify for a full out rejection this was not fair! If it said submit (those were the two choices, submit or exit) I would have hit submit but it said to hit exit! This feels like one of those do some work for free then get out hits.
    Ok but my question is: Why can't I leave a review on turkerview when this happens? Since I didn't really finish the hit I am now unable to leave a review on the hit. I did leave a nasty one on the broken area tho. They should have a way where once you start a hit, you should be able to leave a review.